Fruits and vegetables have become cartoon characters — Frugies — in an e-book from Atlanta-based LearnAlong aimed at spurring children to eat more produce.

Titled “Meet the Frugies,” it features 20 characters by Mad magazine artist Mort Drucker. They include Suzie Strawberry, a ballerina; Madam Carla, a carrot that sees the future; Peach Velour, a singer; a crying onion; Adam Apple; E.J. Cob; and Mel Watermelon.

It is offered as a $1.99 download online, which also displays sample pages.

“Our products teach while they entertain and tackle real life concerns,” LearnAlong founder Mitchell Erick said in a news release.

A separate download, “The Brush-Along Song,” promotes oral hygiene. It’s been distributed in CD form to elementary schools in 11 states. The download cost is $3.99.