Miami-based Fullei Fresh plans a Sept. 10 launch for its beet sprouts, typically used as a steak garnish, for foodservice and retail.

It’s the company’s ninth sprout product. To coincide with its introduction, Fullei Fresh will provide the whole line with new labels and tamper-proof packaging, spokeswoman Olivia Wong said.

“There’s been so much bad press on sprouts,” Wong said. “We have a new product, so it’s time to give them some positive spin. We haven’t had any recalls and we’re very strict on food safety and quality assurance.”

Foodservice will be the main buyer for beet sprouts, she said, but Fullei Fresh also sells to Whole Foods Market and to distributors serving other retailers.

The reddish-purple sprouts are a specialty item owner Manny Wong encountered on a trip to Dijon, France.

“It’s very rare,” Olivia Wong said. “Not too many people have it.”

They will be offered in eight 1.5-ounce containers per case. Buyers and consumers can use a snap-on lid for storage after they’ve broken the seal. Pricing has not been set. Typical shelf life is three weeks, according to the company.

The eight prior sprout products that will appear in the new packaging include: organic alfalfa and clover; broccoli in organic and conventional; organic clover; conventional alfalfa, washed; crunchy mix; sunflower; and snow pea.

The new containers can be hung as well as stacked.