No one knows for sure what the distant future holds, but the Future Lab at Fruit Logistica is designed to give insight into developments in the global fresh produce industry.

A series of half-hour presentations ranging from “Fighting Black Sigatoka — The End of Cavendish?” to “Information Superhighway for Fresh Produce” are scheduled during all three days of the Feb. 5-7 in Berlin.

“These projects can potentially have a significant impact on the medium-term development of the fresh produce sector,” Fruit Logistica global brand manager Gerald Lamusse said in a news release.

The session on black sigatoka is scheduled to be moderated by Roger Bourne, New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research, and include a presentation by Gondolini Gianluca, secretary of the World Banana Forum of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

In the session titled “Information Superhighway for Fresh Produce,” scheduled speakers include Mark Zwingmann, Leiter Traceability Solutions, GS1 Germany, and Hans-Christoph Behr, managing director of Agramarkt Informations-GmbH.

Other sessions scheduled for the Future Lab at Fruit Logistica 2014 include:

  • “PIQA pears — A Whole New Fruit” with Bourne from New Zealand’s Institute for Plant & Food Research;
  • “Mystery shopping — The POS Fitness Program” Bourne and Kai Sparke, University Geisenheim;
  • “Quantum Leap in Lettuce Breeding” with Chris Groot, marketing project manager for seed supplier Enza Zaden, The Netherlands;
  • “Customized Fruit — To Your Health” with Andres MacKenzie, the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research;
  • “Biologica — A Nice Clean world” with Ashish Malik, Bayer CropScience; and
  • “Optimizing the Intensive Greenhouse Production of Vegetables” with Tsu-Wei Chen, Wilhelm Leibniz Universitat Hannover.

More information on the sessions, exposition hall schedules and other conference offerings is at