A longtime Georgia vegetable grower-shipper that had its license terminated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture is no longer in business and is for sale.

Under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, Tifton, Ga.-based Georgia Vegetable Co. has been sanctioned for failing to pay a $20,311 award to a Florida seller, according to PACA documents.

The company lost its license effective Sept. 4. Rebecca Kilby, Billy Thomas and trustees under the will of Robert Grist are listed as the company’s officers, directors and major stockholders.

Kilby said the company is for sale.

“We are asking everyone to work with us,” Kilby said. “Everyone will be paid off when we sell the buildings.”

PACA licenses can be reinstated after reparations are paid, a PACA official said Oct. 29. The agency’s Manassas, Va., office, which covers Georgia, was closed Oct. 29 because of Hurricane Sandy, the official said.

Georgia Vegetable was a Georgia grower of beans, squash, cucumbers and other vegetables. Robert Grist, who died in 1998, founded the company in 1974.