Gilberto Salazar, a grower for The Giumarra Companies, Los Angeles, earned certification to sell Fair Trade watermelons and grapes.

The Salazar farm is family owned and operated, and has worked with Giumarra grower earns Fair Trade certificationGiumarra for more than 20 years. They have had a social responsibility program since 2009, providing free child care, medical checks, education, housing and meals for their employees’ families, according to a news release.

Customers will now have the option to purchase products with the Fair Trade label, which is sold at a premium price with the additional funds going to support a worker council fund for the farm’s employees, the release said.

“Fair Trade will allow us to further benefit the community in which the farm operates, while partnering us with like-minded customers who want to pursue this cause,” John Corsaro, executive vice president of Giumarra, said in the release.