There’s a second company offering a ethylene sensor and gassing system, which helps keep potatoes and onions from sprouting.

Global Cooling Inc., Philadelphia, offers a system that will regulate ethylene, with a sensor accurate up to one part per million of the gas. It says it is only the second company to offer such a system, according to Global Cooling.

“To date, there has only been one competitor that offered a sensor and system to accomplish this type of controlled storage,” president Jim Still said in a news release. “It is good for everyone and the industry as a whole when there is more than one supplier.”

Restrain, based in the United Kingdom, offers a similar system. It touts its product as a way of storing potatoes and onions without chemicals.

Global Cooling, the newcomer, offers its controller on its website for more than $1,200, and its sensor — with or without an optional display attached — for almost $1,200 or more.

The system isn’t just for root crops, but for ripening fruit as well. The company recommends gassing potatoes at 10 ppm, onions at 15 ppm, citrus degreening at 5 ppm and ripening bananas, mangos, avocadoes, among other fruit at 20 ppm.

The sensor and controller are both mounted on a wall, and the controller is plugged into a 110- or 220-volt power receptacle.