Retail promotions of grapes in export markets are expanding through January to back late-season volumes, according to the Fresno-based California Table Grape Commission.

Last year, California grapes shipped after Oct. 1 equaled 35% of exports for the entire season spanning May to January.

The increased promotions will include newspaper advertising in many Asian markets, according to a news release. Export markets will see in-store activities with California grape samplings, point-of-sale and display materials.

Shipments are running slightly ahead of last year, according to the commission, and experts project a larger crop. Supplies are strong on green, red and black California grapes.

In 2012 from a total crop of 100.3 million 19-pound box equivalents, 22.3 million were shipped after Nov. 1. The color ratio was 21% green varieties, 70% reds and 9% blacks. A similar ratio is expected this season.