Bar code scanning specialist Greenscans has rolled out a produce information database.

The consumer-driven database is designed for in-store bar code scanning and product look-up, according to a news release from Boone, N.C.-based Greenscans.

Using the Greenscans mobile app or another app, consumers can access information on a product-by-product basis using a single bar code scan or product search.

Information on flavor and nutrition and recipes are among the data provided by the database.

“We put a tremendous amount of effort into this back-end system, and had high expectations for product coverage,” Paul Engelman, chief executive officer of Greenscans. “Our initial testing has significantly exceeded those expectations.”

The database also allows growers to customize the information delivered to consumers, with choices including brand information, customized videos, cross-sell and upsell opportunities and product certifications.

“Historically, growers and shippers have spent considerable time and effort placing rich consumer content on their website,” Engelman said. “Now, consumers can view this content using the greenscans app with one scan of any of their product bar codes. We’ve created a simple, engaging way for them to instantly leverage today’s mobility trends to deliver a customized mobile experience, per product, to manage their consumer messages on a scan-by-scan basis.”