The National Grocers Association, the national trade association representing the retail and wholesale grocers, is collaborating with the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

The PBH Foundation is a nonprofit fruit and vegetable education foundation, founded in 1991 to “motivate people to eat more fruits and vegetables to improve public health,” according to a news release.

The partnership will comprise of inter-organization sharing of resources through print and electronic communications. The two organizations hope to better the education of supermarket dietitians within small retail chains and wholesale grocers.

Also as a part of this partnership, the NGA plans to host its show, held Feb. 8-11, 2015, at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. There, dietitians can participate in educational sessions, and engage with sponsors and other organizations.

“Health and wellness products and services are increasingly becoming a priority for consumers. Given this growing trend, NGA is excited about the opportunity to partner with PBH to equip our members with the tools and resources needed to better educate and provide products and services to meet their customers’ needs and expectations,” Peter Larkin, president and CEO of the Grocers Association, said in a press release.

The NGA, Arlington, Va., represents independently owned retail and wholesale grocers nationwide. Awards were presented to each lawmaker by their NGA member constituents during the NGA government relations committee’s fall meeting.