Hourly wages for temporary workers under the federal government’s H-2A program will go up in Florida and other U.S. states in 2012 and down in California and others.

On Dec. 22, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration announced its 2012 Adverse Effect Wage Rates for the employment of temporary or seasonal nonimmigrant foreign workers to perform agricultural work.

The wages are adjusted annually to help ensure that the wages of similarly employed U.S. workers are not adversely affected.

H-2A wages will go up in Florida and other major fruit and vegetable-producing states and down in California and other states.

Florida’s hourly wage jumps from $9.50 to $9.54; Washington’s from $10.60 to $10.92; Idaho’s from $9.90 to $10.19; Arizona’s from $9.60 to $9.94; Texas’s from $9.65 to $9.88; Georgia’s from $9.12 to $9.39; and New York’s from $10.25 to $10.56.

California’s H-2A wage falls from $10.31 to $10.24 and New Jersey’s from $10.60 to $10.34.