The Hass Avocado Board showcased its new marketing campaign at a recent food show.

Irvine, Calif.-based HAB officially launched its Love One Today campaign Oct. 19-22 at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Houston.

Love One Today encourages Americans to add fresh hass avocados to their everyday diets. Graphics supporting the campaign display the phrases “naturally good fats + cholesterol free” and “fresh avocados.”

Also at the Houston show, which was attended by more than 8,500 health professionals, HAB officials emphasized the board’s nutrition research. Since 2011, HAB has made a significant investment in nutrition research.

Several studies are in progress, and more are on the way, focused on four areas: heart health, weight management, type 2 diabetes and healthy living.

Also at the conference, HAB hosted the second annual Hass Avocado Science Spa (HASS) event, an invitation-only gathering of the leading media-focused registered dietitians in America. At the event, HAB shared a newly created health professional video about Love One Today.

“HAB’s presence at (the conference) provided a great opportunity to update health professionals and influencers on the progress of our nutrition research program and heighten awareness of the many nutritional benefits of avocados,” Emiliano Escobedo, HAB’s executive director, said in the release.