The Hass Avocado Board will share new research at an upcoming nutrition show in Atlanta.

Representatives of the Irvine, Calif.-based board will attend the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo Oct. 18-21, according to a board news release.

The board’s presentation to conference attendees has been dubbed “The Green Brick Road — Journey to a Higher Avocado IQ.”

“HAB has made significant investments in nutrition research, and (the exposition) provides a perfect opportunity to update food and nutrition professionals on the progress of our research program,” Emiliano Escobedo, the board’s executive director, said in the release. “Educating these key influencers heightens awareness of avocados as a delicious, cholesterol-free source of naturally good fats, ultimately helping more consumers to ‘love one today.’”

The board will highlight new research including:

  • An Ohio State University study which found that eating fresh avocado with either tomato sauce or raw carrots significantly enhanced absorption of alpha- and beta-carotene and conversion of them into an active form of vitamin A;
  • A Loma Linda University study which found that when approximately one-half of a fresh avocado was added to a lunch consisting of a salad with Italian dressing, a baguette, and cookies, participants felt more satisfied and had less desire to eat following the meal; and
  • A pilot study by the University of California, Los Angeles, which found that when fresh hass avocado was added to a burger, some of the after-meal effects observed after eating the burger plain, specifically inflammation and narrowing blood vessels, were reduced within hours.