With membership in The Sustainability Consortium, IFCO Systems Inc. joins food and beverage giants, including Kellogg Co. and PepsiCo Inc., in the pursuit of increased sustainability in the organization’s Food, Beverage and Agriculture Sector.

The consortium is based at Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability and has offices at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville and Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The consortium also recently opened an office in China.

IFCO Systems joins The Sustainability ConsortiumIFCO’s experience with reusable plastic containers for fresh produce and other sustainability efforts will help the consortium understand and assist other companies involved in distribution networks, Sara Lewis, head of the consortium’s Food, Beverage and Agriculture Sector, said in a news release.

Hillary Femal, IFCO’s director of strategic market development, said in the release that environmental sustainability within the global agricultural supply chain has been one of the company’s top concerns.

By joining the consortium, IFCO will be able to expand its work to improve packaging while increasing efficiency in the fresh produce supply chain, she said.

More than 90 companies and organizations worldwide are members of The Sustainability Consortium. The consortium’s purpose is to build a scientific foundation for driving innovations to improve consumer product sustainability.

The consortium’s agricultural sector currently has projects in commodity mapping, biodiversity and water use.