ITW Muller, Arlington Heights, Ill., has a new machine-stretch-wrap film called Reducer.

Reducer has the highest force-to-film weight ratio on the market, according to a news release.

“Combined with ITW Muller’s Pak-Air Ventilation System, the Reducer film can be ventilated for fresh produce,” Michael Klear, market development manager, said in an email.

“Reducer also contracts around pallet loads without damaging boxes, keeping produce from being smashed during wrapping or transportation,” Klear said.

The Reducer film has five layers and a unique metallocene formulation and structure, making it thin and strong, according to the release.

It is clear and can be stretched up to 300% without losing its stiffness.

The Reducer film is available in 43 and 63 gauge, in 20- or 30-inch width and 7,500 or 10,500 foot length.