CHICAGO — Arlington Heights, Ill.-based ITW Muller’s machine-stretch-wrap film called Reducer came out earlier this year and the company showcased it at Pack Expo Oct. 28-31, along with its Pak-Air and Octopus “B” Series Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper, which allows fresh produce companies to wrap pallets of product in a variety of ways and utilize the company’s patented “tail-tuck” technology.

The “tail-tuck” aspect means the machine finishes the wrapping process by running a thin, strong band of wrap around the product and tucks the tail underneath one of the thicker layers to ensure the wrap doesn’t come undone until the receiver wants it to.

“The Octopus … is a high-quality stretch wrapper that wraps pallet loads,” said Dan Schmidt, business development manager. “What makes it unique is its ring technology. It’s a rotary ring design that helps save film that works at high speeds to wrap loads to optimal loads while using the least amount of film.

“The tail-tucker technology has been popular in the produce industry. Recently, we sold one of these machines to an orange shipper. What they liked is the ability is the ability to rope down the end of their load and also the tail-tucker is a great feature to use with ventilated film.”

Schmidt says ITW actively seeks to expand its volume of business with fresh produce companies.

Pak-Air is a stretch wrap ventilation system in which the company’s “patented Pak-Air carriage cuts standard machine grade stretch film into bands. This allows the load to breathe while still providing excellent strength to properly secure the load,” according to a company news release.

It’s billed as being ideal for fresh or frozen produce, geared to be simpler, more reliable and more cost-effective than netting or other ventilated options. The rolled edge of the bands “creates a hem for superior strength,” according to the company.

The Reducer is another ITW Muller product with fresh produce industry applications.

“Combined with ITW Muller’s Pak-Air Ventilation System, the Reducer film can be ventilated for fresh produce,” said Michael Klear, market development manager. ”Reducer also contracts around pallet loads without damaging boxes, keeping produce from being smashed during wrapping or transportation.”

The clear film, which boasts the highest force-to-film weight ratio on the market, according to the company, can stretch up to 300% without losing stiffness.

It comes in a variety of gauges, widths and lengths.