Jem-D International is using the AiroCide food safety preventive controls air sanitation system in one of its warehouses.

Jem-D embraces AiroCide food safety technologyThe Kingsville, Ontario-based Jem-D is using the postharvest preservation technology in its Pharr, Texas, operation through Jem-D partner Agricola El Rosal, a large Mexican greenhouse grower-shipper.

Atlanta-based KES Science & Technology Inc. manufactures and distributes the AiroCide system which tries to minimize airborne cross-contamination. The nonchemical AiroCide system kills airborne mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses and removes volatile organic compounds including ethylene gas, KES officials said in a news release.

Ernesto Sanabria, Jem-D’s U.S. director of operations, said the system provides higher quality product and longer shelf lives as well as safer products.

“This system is used as an integral part of our food safety initiative in the Pharr location,” he said. “The use of AiroCide reduces the potential contaminates and airborne pollutants that may negatively affect our produce.”

Jim DiMenna, Jem-D’s owner and president, said Jem-D is considering adding the technology to other operations.