Three years after merging with Agricola El Rosal, Canadian greenhouse grower-shipper JemD Farms International is beginning the final phase of brand transition, renaming the companies Red Sun Farms.

Based in Kingsville, Ontario, the company led by president Jim DiMenna has been using the Red Sun brand on JemD Farms Artisan Series packaging for more than a decade, according to a news release.

“When Agricola El Rosal and JemD International announced their merger completion in 2010, our brand transition strategy was put into motion,” DiMenna said in the May 13 release. “Our expanding product and customer base determined the timeline which brings us to today, our announcement date.”

The decision to use the Red Sun Farms name and logo is a move to take the operation back to its roots, DiMenna said in the release. The butterfly on the logo represents the Monarch butterflies, which migrate from the company’s Ontario greenhouse area to its greenhouse locations in central Mexico every year.

Sabrina Pokomandy, marketing and public relations manager, said in the release the goal of the brand transition strategy is to connect with business customers and consumers. She said having a synonymous trade name and consumer brand was a natural step in the growth of the merged companies.

The use of a single name and brand comes as the company is adding greenhouse acres in Virginia and Texas.

“As we continue to grow and build more greenhouses across North America that further increases our retail business segment, we wanted to finalize our brand identity with one the consumer could identify with during and after their shopping experience. With this goal in mind, we’ve gone to our roots with Red Sun Farms,” DiMenna said in the release.

Red Sun Farms grows tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers in more than 500 acres of hydroponic greenhouses in Canada, Mexico and the United States.