Jenfitch LLC has gained National Sanitation Foundation approval to use a liquid ozone product in potable water systems — including postharvest wash systems and hydro coolers — as a disinfectant and oxidant.

Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Jenfitch is marketing its JC 9450 liquid ozone as a low-cost method to generate ozone and help meet food safety needs.

The cost of installing the system is less than 1% of a conventional generator, chief executive officer Gail Jennings said in a news release. It uses a metering pump and drums of JC 9450.

The liquid ozone has been shown to be 12 to 24 times more effective than chlorine as a disinfectant for controlling biofilms, bacteria, viruses and spores, according to the company. Chlorine, it found, is more effective on free-floating pathogens than on biofilms.

Jenfitch conducted a field study in Northern California that showed bacteria and E. coli counts hitting zero or undetectable levels after 10 minutes of contact, according to the release.

The liquid ozone has the foundation’s approval for use up to 100 milligrams per liter, plus U.S. Food and Drug Administration generally-recognized-as-safe approval for direct and indirect food contact.