Kansas City chef features locally grown cornKANSAS CITY, Mo. — When life gives Chef Jasper lemons, he makes limoncello. And locally grown sweet corn.

That’s what happened July 21 in Kansas City, Mo., when Jasper Mirabile Jr. put on a five-course meal at his restaurant, Jasper’s Ristorante.

Lowell Neitzel and Lyle Nunemaker, of Bismarck Gardens in Lawrence, Kan., grew the corn used in the event and were on hand during the dinner to taste the dishes and talk to guests about the sweet corn.

The menu included: Limoncello Spritzer, Limoncello Ricotta and Limoncello Olives with Kansas Corn Brushetta; Kansas Corn Risotto; Insalata della Casa, a local corn salad with fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes; Tuscan Butter Chicken & Fresh Kansas Corn (on the cob), with Bismarc Corn Bread; and Lisa Waterman Gray’s Limoncello Cheesecake with Jasper III’s Homemade Limoncello.Kansas City chef features locally grown corn