Kathleen Triou will become the chief marketing officer for Avocados From Mexico starting July 1.

Triou, vice president of domestic marketing at the U.S. Potato Board, previously worked with Tim O’Connor, former president and chief executive officer of the potato board. This spring, he left the board to become CEO of Avocados From Mexico.

“ ... I love what I do, and I want to continue learning and trying more things in the commodity marketing profession,” Triou said in a statement sent to colleagues and industry members.

“With potatoes I’ve had an incredible experience immersing myself in the world of a mature commodity — and all of the challenges that come with that,” she said in the statement. “With Avocados from Mexico I’ll be working on a still-emerging commodity — and all of the challenges I’m sure that will come with that as well! It’s just the thing I was feeling eager to do.”