Volumes of Kiku apples imported by Columbia Marketing International are ramping up.

Weekly shipments of New Zealand-grown Kikus will increase in late June and July, according to a news release from Wenatchee, Wash.-based CMI.

Demand for Kikus continues to grow every year, Bob Mast, CMI’s president, said in the release.

“I think the key to any strong program is providing a consistently good, full-flavored eating experience for the consumer,” Mast said. “New Zealand Kiku growers make our job seamless as they provide us with some of the finest crunchy and sweet Kiku apples that consumers have grown to love.”

New Zealand Kikus should ship through August. Domestically-grown Kikus should begin shipping in the fall.

In 2006, Wenatchee-based Columbia Fruit Packers Inc. gained exclusive rights to grow and market Kiku apples in North America, and CMI was tapped to handle U.S. sales.