Atlas Produce and Distribution, Inc. is distributing certified kosher dates for Passover.

Kosher dates available in time for PassoverThe Bakersfield, Calif., company has the dates certified as kosher specifically for Passover, March 25.

“Many retailers in predominately Jewish neighborhoods build large displays of Passover certified products and our Medjool Dates are a large portion of those displays. With the increase exposure and floor space retailers can see up to a 40% increase in sales the month leading up to Passover,” said Ben Antongiovanni, vice president of sales at Atlas Produce.

“To take the kosher certification to the next level we have a rabbi present during production,” he said. “He inspects, blesses and approves the dates.”

Over the past three years, Atlas Produce has noticed a huge demand in kosher dates.

“We ship 3 million pounds of dates a year, with a swift incline around Passover,” Antongiovanni said.

The Caramel Naturel Dates are certified by the Orthodox Union.