Consumers want fresh produce packaging that is informative and visually compelling, according to new research by the makers of the LabelBling line of packaging labels.

New Kensington, Pa.-based Yerecic Label commissioned its Produce LabelBling Focus Group research to find out what people are looking for when they buy packaged produce in the store, according to a company news release.

LabelBling uses new techniques to create an upscale look at an affordable price for fresh produce growers, packers and shippers. Holographic films, sparkle inks and embossing are among the features LabelBling offers to draw attention to produce packs.

Among the findings of the research, Yerecic found that if retailers want to get shoppers’ attention, quality photography and printed special effects are valuable tools.

In addition, with the globalization of the food market, the produce department is becoming increasingly diverse, leaving consumers uninformed. Consumers want to learn more about products and how to use them, according to the research.

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