Alan Taylor created the role model/living brand Bonita to educate children and to support his granddaughter, who has cerebral palsy.

Bonita is a drawing of a Latina role model. The New York artist who drew her, Israel Hale, made her to represent a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods and exercising, according to a news release.

Bonita is part of a program tied to research from Cornell University. The program, Healthy Kids Branding, was produced from the research that showed that animated characters on snacks are more appealing to children.

“The Bonita role model is the first of several living brands we will be creating to support my granddaughter while also helping to educate other children on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,” Alan Taylor, grandfather and owner of Taylor Ann Enterprises LLC, and marketing director of Yakima, Wash.-based Pink Lady America LLC, said in the release.

“Bonita and the Healthy Kid Branding program will be free as the value builds,” Taylor said in the release. “And there will be no costs involved until the equity is such that it’s clear a commercial situation exists. When that level is reached, donations for usage will be sought in order to support Taylor Ann, which is estimated at well over a million dollars by adulthood. And when that time comes, Bonita and other living brands will be in my estate, so that support will continue.”