LoBue Citrus is now shipping its Heritage Reserve navels.

Fruit began shipping the last week in February, according to a news release from Lindsay, Calif.-based LoBue. The deal is expected to run through early April, and quality is expected to peak on 113s, 88s and other smaller fruit.

Heritage Reserves are grown in a narrow, 20-mile-long stretch of groves near the western foothills of California’s Sequoia National Park.

The groves were planted between 1898 and 1960 and have never been replanted. Sandy soils have been credited as a factor in the variety’s flavor.

“Each season we receive letters and emails from consumers raving about how much they love Heritage Reserve navel oranges,” Rick Osterhues, vice president of sales and marketing at LoBue Citrus, said in the release.

LoBue’s Heritage Reserve program is supported by high-graphic packaging, point of sale materials and merchandise bins. Quick response codes on packages and point of sale materials link to a video where LoBue family members talk about the history of the legacy groves.