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Lucky’s distributes Tasti-Lee vine-ripes for retail, foodservice

02/01/2012 12:14:00 PM
Doug Ohlemeier

Courtesy Lucky's Real TomatoesA New York tomato repacker is enjoying success distributing one of the newest Florida tomato vine-ripe varieties.

Lucky’s Real Tomatoes, Brooklyn, N.Y., is distributing and marketing the new Tasti-Lee vine-ripe.

Through a partnership with Wimauma, Fla.-based Tomato Thyme Corp.’s Red Diamond Farms, Lucky’s is distributing the tomato throughout the Northeast and into other markets, touting it as looking, feeling and tasting like a homegrown tomato.

“This tomato has changed the concept of fresh tomato in retail,” said Lucky Lee, vice president of sales for Lucky’s. “ ... We’re bringing a field-grown flavorful tomato to market. This kind of tomato typically only exists during the summer months.”

Lucky’s distributes the tomatoes to grocery stores, supermarkets and restaurants via its own trucks as well as through other distributors, including Bronx, N.Y.-based Baldor Specialty Foods Inc., and Keany Produce Co., Landover, Md., Lee said.

Lucky’s, which began offering the Tasti-Lee variety in mid-December, markets the tomatoes in two-count, 1-pound retail packages and two-layer, 20-pound foodservice cases.

Lucky’s sells vine-ripened and what it calls sun-ripened tomatoes — tomatoes picked without any green — throughout the year.

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New Jersey  |  February, 03, 2012 at 01:47 PM

Nice Job Lucky Tomatoes and the Packer mentioning only Baldor and Keany Produce that distributes their product. There are many other smaller distributors struggling to sell Lucky tomatoes why weren't they mentioned? Lucky does not provide geographical protection for her current distributors and this hinders sales and growth.

New Jersey  |  February, 11, 2012 at 10:39 AM

I only came across this post since I have looked for a place to purchase Lucky's tomatoes for years! I'd read a couple of reviews but even a trip to Garguilo's (who said they don't sell to individual) hasn't helped. I too would love to know where to purchase these tomatoes without having to spend $$$ in tolls to Brooklyn. Thank you.

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