The National Mango Board is sponsoring a free Web seminar for retailers and importers on hot-water treatment programs.

The seminar is 4 p.m. Eastern on April 4. The board is working with the University of California-Davis Department of Plant Science, and the Center for Food Distribution and Retailing at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

“Appropriate temperature management is an important component to improve consumers’ mango eating experience and knowing the opportunities of improvement is beneficial to the industry,” board executive director William Watson said in a release. “Consumers continue to tell us they do not know when a mango is ripe.

“Our mango ripening pilot program is designed to provide tools for the industry to consider if they want to develop their own ripening system,” Watson said in the release. “We have seen considerable growth of many other commodities that have been packed and shipped through a ripening program. There is still much more research to do but feel we are on the right path.”

To register for the Web Seminar, click here.