The National Mango Board revealed its winners for the 2012 Mango Mania Retail Display Contest.

Twenty-seven produce managers from small, independent retailers received cash prizes for the contest, which ran in July.

The contest was about more than earning a little extra cash, though.

“As a group, the stores that entered the contest more than doubled their mango volume over the same period in 2011, which really shows how powerful a creative display can be for moving mangos,” said William Watson, director of the Orlando-based National Mango Board, in a news release.

A full winner list, plus photos, is available at

The top finishers were:

Ten or more cash registers

1st place, $1000 prize: Tamara Michalak, Haggen Northwest Fresh, Arlington, Wash.

2nd place, $750 prize: Kevin Thompson, Price Rite 361 Chicopee, Chicopee, Mass.

3rd place, $500 prize: Erin Niedbalski, Martin’s Supermarkets, Elkhart, Ind.

Six to nine cash registers

1st place, $1000 prize: Robert Earls, C.V's Family Foods, Danville, Ark.

2nd place, $750 prize: Andy White, Hithchcock’s Foodway 6359, Williston, Hawaii

3rd place, $500 prize: Marc Walhavist, Superlo Spottswood, Memphis, Tenn.

One to five cash registers

1st place, $1000 prize: Kathie Hice, C.V's Family Foods, Booneville, Ark.

2nd place, $750 prize: Angela Nelano, Arlington Food Pavilion 33, Arlington, Wash.

3rd place, $500 prize: Ronnie Bradley, C.V's Family Foods, Paris, Ark.