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Mango recalls continue for whole and fresh-cut fruit

09/02/2012 02:05:00 PM
Chris Koger

For more information on the mango recalls, see "FDA posts Daniella mango recall; CDC says 103 sick"

(UPDATED COVERAGE, Sept. 4) Canadian officials have expanded a recall on mangoes and a growing number of U.S. companies have pulled whole and fresh-cut mango products from shelves in an outbreak of Salmonella Braenderup.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Aug. 31 extended the dates on the original recall by a week, to include Daniella brand mangoes shipped to retailers July 12 to Aug. 31,

Vancouver-based North American Produce Sales originally recalled mangoes shipped up to Aug. 24. The expanded recalled, according to the Canadian agency’s website, still covers only Daniella brand mangoes with the PLU No. 4959.

According to the agency, which hasn’t released information on how many cartons of mangoes were shipped, “several” people have become ill after eating the mangoes.

On Aug. 31, M.L. Catania Co. Ltd. recalled mangoes packed 6 to a clamshell with a Universal Product Code of 0 61968 61603 0, with packing dates of July 19 to Aug. 12. The Daniella brand sticker “may or may not be present on each mango, according to a news release from the Canadian Department of Food Inspection.

Canaday Safeway Ltd. on Sept. 2 added Fruit Tray Bien Fruit Blend (UPC 0 77745 23415 1) and Super Fruit Medley Fruit Blend (UPC 0 77745 24023 7). The products, distributed in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, were not linked to any illnesses.

Daniella mangoesIn the U.S., more companies that sold the Daniella brand mangoes whole or in fresh-cut products joined a growing list of recalls. There have been no illnesses linked to the products being recalled.

Ready Pac Foods, Irwindale, Calif., pulled 31 products under the Dining In, Ready Pac, Wal-Mart and Wawa brands. The products were distributed through Aug. 30, the day before the company issued the recall.

There are no illnesses related to the Ready Pac recalls, according to the company.

Taylor Farms New Jersey recalled nine Wawa-brand fresh-cut products that were shipped to Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Pineapple, watermelon and strawberry products were among those recalled because they were also processed on the same equipment as Daniella brand mangoes.

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Concerned consumer    
Anywhere that we eat  |  September, 02, 2012 at 04:14 PM

How can Salmonella a fruit? I understand that it is only possible through the skin of the fruit is this true? Can cross contamination occur, say from one dirty truck? or is it only linked to one source, such as a dirty packing conveyor belt? or was it in the wash water? If we are to purchase fruit contaminated with Salmonella, and we cannot visually detect it, can a soap and water rinse take care of it? Or does it have to be something more powerful than soap and water? Thanks

McAllen, TX  |  September, 04, 2012 at 09:07 AM

It may have to do with the hot water treatment done to kill any fruit fly eggs or larvae that might be present. Mangoes expand very slightly as they are heated and a little water from the treatment tanks may enter the mango through the stem end. This has happened before. So washing would not remove the disease if this was indeed the case. The water is not hot enough to kill the Salmonella. Chlorination of the water (which is supposed to be done) would solve this problem, as would replacing hot water immersion with irradiation. Regarding chlorination, because the water is hot chlorine does not last long and needs to be replenished.

Mexico  |  September, 04, 2012 at 03:46 PM

Dear Customer and Informado: The Daniella Mangos came from northwest Mexico area free of fruit fly, therefore they don’t have hot water treatment, and therefore I believe this was not the case here. My take is a cross contamination in the consumption areas, testing has done with a lot Mexican mangos in the last week and none have been positive.

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