Mann Packing Co. plans to launch a video and ad campaign on the sustainability features of its lidless vegetable trays at United Fresh in San Diego.

The Salinas, Calif.-based grower-shipper will also introduce Ann Youngman, recently named national account manager for the Central region, at the May 14-16 trade show.

The video is scheduled to play in the Grower-Shipper Association of Central California pavilion, space 945A on the convention floor.

Last fall the company redesigned its vegetable platter without the black plastic portion of the package widely used as the lid, a move prompted by consumer research.

The research found 92% did not use the black trays for serving, even when prompted by instructions. The same number said they’d be happy without the lids given expected environmental benefits, Christine Keller, director of marketing and innovation, said in a news release.

Youngman, who lives in the Indianapolis area, previously held positions at Red Gold, PepsiCo, the Quaker Oats Co. and Nabisco. She will manage Mann’s retail sales in the Midwest.