Mariani Nut Co., has been recognized for achieving high scores from multiple food safety-focused audits.

The scores show how the Winters, Calif.-based company continues to invest in and improve on food safety practices throughout the year, according to a news release.

During the summer, Mariani became the 2014 recipient of the DFA of California Pinnacle Plant of the Year award.

Also known as The American Council for Food Safety & Quality, the Fresno, Calif.-based DFA presents the recognition based on a company’s commitment to continuous safety improvement, according to the release.

Criteria includes ongoing facility enhancements, the drive to become a global food safety certified facility and ranking as a top-scoring operation following surprise food safety audits, Jeremiah Szabo, DFA’s director of operations, said in the release.

Mariani recognized for food safety practicesIn presenting the award, Szabo said Mariani “acts as an exemplary role model for others to follow,” according to the release.

During the past year, DFA’s food safety staff conducted nearly 300 food safety audits on DFA member facilities and Mariani received audit scores above 1,900 for each audit period, which is categorized as exceptional, according to the release.

Servicing the dried fruit and nut industry for more than 100 years, DFA works with packers, processors and exporters to ensure products and facilities meet safety standards and quality, according to the release.

Mariani joined DFA in 1977.