Martori Farms will ship a specialty melon in higher volumes this summer.

The Kandy Lemondrop melon is sweet, but it also has a tart finish, according to a news release from Aguila, Ariz.-based Martori.

The melon has a similar flavor profile as the Galia melon, with the added lemony flavor that comes from naturally occurring citrus acid.

“During a limited release last summer, we saw a home-grown buzz from food bloggers and positive customer reactions,” Martori managing member Steve Martori said in the release. “This summer we are anticipating an increase in demand and look forward to an even larger social online response.”

Martori grows cantaloupes, honeydews and other melons on 9,000 acres in Aguila’s desert climate, which offers ideal melon-growing conditions — warm, dry days and cool, mild nights.