The Bard Valley Medjool Date Growers Association has released new recipes with the start of the high-demand season.

As much as 30% of annual date sales come during the spring holidays, according to the group.

The Bard Valley, Calif.-based Association markets under the Bard Valley Natural Delights brand, the top-selling Medjool date brand in the U.S.

The group is releasing five recipes to give consumers ideas during the high-demand season.

The recipes:

  • Medjool Radicchio Salad;
  • Quinoa with Chickpeas and Medjool Dates;
  • Lean Beef Burgers with Medjool Date Jam;
  • Vanilla Coffee and Date Protein Shake; and
  • Medjool Power Balls.

“While Americans typically lag behind their counterparts in Europe and the Middle East in their appreciation of Medjools and other dates, we are definitely seeing resurgence in U.S. demand, especially during the spring holidays,” Ed O’Malley, president of Datepac, the packing plant owned by association members, said in a news release.

The group markets 70% of the U.S. medjool date crop, according to the release.