Two produce and nutrition experts from Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer Meijer say 2014 produce trends may include more “power greens,” a cauliflower resurgence and continued popularity for organic and local produce offerings.

Produce buyer Scott Calandra and registered dietitian Melissa Hehmann of Meijers offered predictions for 2014 and reflections on 2013 consumer trends.

Kale could have company in the “power greens” category with items like Swiss chard and turnip greens, Hehmann said in a news release. “Consumers are being more adventurous in produce choices, so if they liked kale, they may reach for another unfamiliar green.”

She also said cauliflower seems poised for more use for at-home eating.

“Cauliflower can be mashed like potatoes, grilled like steak, and used as a gluten-free option for things like pizza crust,” she said in the release.

Meijer also expects to see continued growth in organics and its locally grown program, which provides produce from more than 100 growers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky.

Besides greens — bagged baby kale saw nearly a 200% growth from 2012 at Meijer stores — other 2013 trends were:


  • Fresh herbs;
  • Portabella mushrooms;
  • Sweet potatoes; and
  • Clementines.