LOS ANGELES — Peppers — 37 different kinds of them — are the topic of the latest cookbook from Melissa’s World Variety Produce Inc.

“The Great Pepper Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Cooking with Peppers” was previewed for media and food bloggers at the company’s headquarters April 10. The cookbook’s release is April 15.

Melissa’s brings the heat with pepper cookbookIt has an easy-to-follow format and features 150 recipes. It was written by Melissa’s culinary staff of chefs and food experts, said Robert Schueller, director of public relations.

For those not up to speed on the world of peppers, the cookbook’s fresh- and dried-pepper identification guide describes physical and taste characteristics of various peppers.

There’s a section on what to look for when selecting peppers and how to store and handle them, a Scoville heat chart and availability guide.

The book is designed for all levels of cooking experience, and is packed with photos.

Whether they like their peppers hot, medium or mild, there’s something in the book for everyone, said Tom Fraker, corporate chef and director of Melissa’s test kitchen.

Melissa’s brings the heat with pepper cookbook“As the largest supplier of variety peppers in the U.S., we thought it was a natural fit to do a book all about peppers,” Schueller said.

It’s the company’s fifth cookbook.

“Being a company that introduces so many new fruits and vegetables in the U.S., we thought the education has got to start somewhere,” he said.

The hardbound edition of “The Great Pepper Cookbook” is $29.95 from melissas.com, and the softbound edition is available for $19.95 from major booksellers.