Precision instruments manufacturer Mettler Toledo is offering a way for manufacturers to see if the company’s technology can help improve standardization of package weights and the time it takes to weigh them.

Mettler Toledo offers trial for checkweighing productsThe Columbus, Ohio-based Mettler Toledo is releasing an online simulation that allows users to test the company’s colorWeight technology.

The trial involving a company’s data indicates how much time a business could save during the checkweighing process and a calculator demonstrates how much manufacturers could improve throughput with the use of a compact scale with a colorWeight display, according to a news release.

At the site,  manufacturers can enter production line information into a calculator to see how much a display can increase productivity, reduce errors and maximize uptime, according to the release.

The colored displays show green lights when weight is in specification and red lights when saving operators from needing to interpret numerical displays, according to the release.