Mexican fresh-market tomato production is expected to fall slightly in 2014-15.

About 2.28 million tons of tomatoes will be grown for the fresh market next season, down from 2.35 million tons this season, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

Fresh acreage is expected to fall from 111,000 acres in 2013-14 to 106,000 acres next season.

The production decline is due to low prices in 2013-14 and a desire among growers for higher-quality fruit for export, according to the report.

While tomato acreage is declining in Mexico, yields are up because of the expansion of plantings in greenhouses, shadehouses, tunnels and other forms of protected agriculture, according to USDA.

Tomato acreage (fresh and processed) in Mexico was 211,000 in 1990; 187,305 in 2000; 138,102 in 2011; and 109,971 in 2012, according to USDA.