MountainKing Potatoes has new display bins, boxes and wraps for retailers this season.

All four of Houston-based MountainKing’s new display units feature high-impact graphics, according to a company news release.

MountainKing’s new 40-inch by 48-inch fresh potato bin is big enough for 100 10-pound bags, 125 8-pound bags or 200 5-pound bags.

The company’s new 40-inch by 24-inch half-pallet Grill Bin features a graphic of a large, stainless steel backyard grill with steaks and potatoes cooking over an open flame. A spatula and apron from the grill.

“We’ve created a look that will certainly inspire creative retailer displays,” John Pope, MountainKing’s vice president sales and marketing, said in the release. “We’re excited to see how shoppers react.”

Also new at MountainKing are Tater Town stack boxes, display-ready boxes that feature MountainKing’s Steak House Bakers. Stacked 4x4 on quarter and full pallets, the boxes are ideal for secondary display locations and lower volume stores.

The fourth new display unit are display wraps, designed to promote pairing potatoes with other seafood and other dishes. Wraps are available for MountainKing’s Steak House Roasters, Steak House Bakers, Crawfish Reds and Seafood Market Reds.