Mucci International Marketing recently launched tomato products featuring packaging designed to be convenient for retailers and consumers.

Developed by the Mucci Farms growing team in Kingsville, Ontario, the greenhouse tomato middy clusters trademarked as Vero tomatoes by the company are the first produce to come out of Mucci’s new high-tech greenhouse, said sales vice president Joe Spano in a news release.

Mucci offers three new tomatoes in convenient packaging“The taste is truly a throwback to grandmother’s garden,” Spano said in the release.

The Vero tomatoes on the vine have rich red color and are smaller than traditional tomatoes on the vine, according to the release.

Spano said Mucci’s retail partners guided the development of the packaging for the Vero, which are available in 500-gram packages (about 18 ounces).

The Vero clusters come in a preprinted recyclable tray inside flow wrap. A quick response code on the package links consumers to recipes on the Web.Mucci offers three new tomatoes in convenient packaging

Another new product from Mucci seeks to capitalize on the brown tomato trend. Terreno Naturally Brown Tomatoes have a sweet flavor, according to the release. Their name comes from the Italian word for “earthly.”

Packaging options for the Terreno Naturally Brown Tomatoes include a lidded box that features a recyclable tray, anti-fog and micro-perforated film and a tamper evident seal.

The Torrenos are also available in a recyclable tray with flow wrap and in clear clamshells in two sizes — a three-count size and a 1-pound size.Mucci offers three new tomatoes in convenient packaging

Curio gourmet tomatoes from Mucci are described by Spano in the release as having a rich and intense taste reminiscent of old fashioned tomato flavors.

Technically beefsteaks, the Curio tomatoes are pink and come in various package styles and sizes.