Packaging technology leader Multivac plans to lead a seminar on high-pressure pasteurization at the Process Expo trade show Nov. 1-4 in Chicago.

Kansas City, Mo.-based Multivac will present “The Promise and Challenges of Applying High Pressure Pasteurization for RTE Food Products,” according to a company news release.

High pressure pasteurization is a process that utilizes high-pressure water-based technology to destroy pathogenic bacteria. The process can take place at refrigerated temperatures, which makes it a good fit for fruits and vegetables and other perishables.

High-pressure pasteurization also can enhance nutritional benefits of foods and improve their taste, according to Multivac, which has developed proprietary high pressure pasteurization technologies.

Scientist Tobias Richter, who wrote his doctoral thesis on the technology, will lead the high pressure pasteurization seminar. To register or for more information, visit