Restaurants are making progress with nutrition initiatives, according to a report from the Washington, D.C.-based National Restaurant Association.

Available for free download online , “On The Menu: Restaurant Nutrition Initiatives” provides progress reports on children’s nutrition, menu labeling and food safety training initiatives.

“Nutrition and wellness are a top priority for the restaurant industry,” Dawn Sweeney, president of chief executive officer of the association, said in the release. “With consumers having an increased interest in health and nutrition, particularly over the past several years, our industry continues to find ways to meet the growing demand for nutritious options.”

Sweeney said the report highlights work restaurants are doing to promote health and wellness.

In two years, the NRA’s Kids LiveWell program has more than doubled in size since its launch, according to the release, with 140 participating restaurant brands representing more than 41,000 locations, compared with 19 brands and 15,000 locations when it was launched.

The NRA’s 2013 Restaurant Industry Forecast showed 86% of adults say there are more healthy options at restaurants than there were two years ago; 71% of adults say they are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than two years ago. The restaurant association research shows that one-third of all adults have gone online to get nutrition data on restaurant food and four of the top ten hottest menu trends in the association’s What’s Hot in 2013 Chef Survey are nutrition-related, according to the release.