A smaller Northwest pear crop is forecast for next season.

About 18.7 million boxes are expected to be marketed fresh out of Washington and Oregon in the 2014-15 season, 13% less than in 2013-14 and 6% below the five-year average, according to a news release from the Milwaukie, Ore.-based Pear Bureau Northwest.

The bureau made its forecast after annual meetings the week of May 26.

The 2014 harvest is expected to begin in late July, a few days earlier than the 2013 harvest. Starkrimsons and bartletts will be the first varieties harvested. Anjous, red anjous, boscs, comices, concordes, forelles and seckels will follow, with harvest expected to wind down in mid-October.

As of early June, growers reported excellent growing conditions, according to the bureau.

Green anjous are expected to make up 53% of the Northwest crop, bartletts 23% and boscs 14%.

Green anjou volumes are expected to be down 14% from 2013, bartletts down 12%, boscs down 17% and red anjous down 8%.

About 871,000 boxes of organic pears are expected in 2014-15, down 8% from 2013-14 but 4% above the five-year average.