Kale, which is still growing in popularity in both the retail and foodservice markets, now has its own day. The second annual National Kale Day (http://nationalkaleday.org/) will be Oct. 1.

National Kale Day returns for second yearNational Kale Day begin when MD Drew Ramsey and chef Jennifer Iserloh, authors of 50 Shades of Kale, brought consumers, chefs, nutritionists, doctors and farmers together to help launch the day last year, according to a news release.

“I treat the whole person and believe that food impacts how we feel,” Ramsey said in the release. “As I studied the nutritional value of foods I continued to be impressed by the superfood power of this leafy green and wanted consumers to see beyond the trend to the lifestyle value of kale.”

The book contains facts about and recipes that feature kale. The book also celebrates the health benefits of kale.

“Culture and media is one of the best ways to introduce consumers to a new food and remove the fear factor,” Iserloh said in the release. “As a chef, I can prepare delicious dishes, but having the trends drive consumer awareness fuels trial.”

The kale trend has driven kale sales up 20-30%.

This year’s National Kale Day includes online events, national media, retail promotions and school events that will include offering a citrus kale salad to the students in all New York City public schools. All 50 states and 10 countries have committed to promote kale on Oct. 1.