The National Mango Board, Orlando, Fla., is working with foodservice professionals to promote fresh mangoes at restaurants.

The board has had success with mango menu items this year and has four mango promotions, according to a news release.

The board partnered with BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in February to promote permanent mango menu items in their restaurants. The promotion was from February to April. Also the board ran a promotion with Daphne’s California Greek during the same February to April time period, according to the release.

They also partnered with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst so college students could enjoy fresh mangos through the Mango Mania promotion.

The last promotion was with Red Mango, a frozen yogurt chain, and they featured fresh mangos as their topping of the month of May, according to the release.

The board has also worked with foodservice publications to get more mango stories in the foodservice magazines and newspapers throughout the year.