The National Watermelon Promotions Board is looking for companies that have creative watermelon marketing strategies for its 2014 Watermelon Imagery Award.

NWPB is asking people to submit promotions or advertisements that feature watermelon visuals for a chance to win a cash prize, according to a news release.

To be eligible for the contest, the advertisement or promotion must be from a non-produce, non-food and non-grocery retail company. When entering a TV commercial, include the time and date it was aired.

Submit applications to by December 31.

The creative use of watermelon in the advertisement, the reach of the ad and the aesthetic value of watermelon to tell the story of the product or service will be considered during judging.

The winner will receive recognition and publicity across the produce industry and a crystal watermelon plaque, given at the 2015 National Watermelon Association’s conference in Palm Springs, Calif.

Entrants will be eligible for a $100 gift card.

Previous winners include Kleenex and Ziplock for their watermelon tissue boxes and large-size bag boxes, respectively.