Distributors are returning to regular business after a big winter storm sacked the Northeast.

The storm brought blizzard conditions and high winds, dumping up to three feet of snow in the New England region, forcing road closures and temporary business stoppage.

Peter John Condakes, president of the Peter Condakes Co. Inc., Chelsea, Mass., said distributors on the New England Produce Market in Chelsea, Mass., didn’t sustain any power outages.

He said most areas received 24-30 inches of snow throughout most of southern New England as well as Rhode Island, Connecticut and southern Massachusetts.

Hurricane-strength winds hit coastal areas and the eastern shore of Massachusetts hard, causing power outages, Condakes said.

Authorities closed roads the evening of Feb. 8 but reopened them the next evening and restaurants closed that evening as well, Condakes said.

“We’re geared in New England for winter and fortunately, we’re not right on the coast which got hurt worse,” he said Feb. 11. “People kind of planned for it. People are shoveling snow off roofs of storage trailers to prevent them from collapsing.”

To keep trucks from delivering on Feb. 9, a major retailer moved purchase orders to Feb. 8 in advance of the storm, Condakes said.