Attendees of the National Watermelon Association’s annual convention Feb. 19-23 in Savannah, Ga., will have the opportunity to meet the creator and the stars of an IMAX film on watermelons billed to be the first IMAX feature focusing on food, according to Bob Morrissey, the NWA’s executive director.

Morrissey lists it as one of the top reasons to attend this year’s show.

Attendees will get the chance to meet The Hoffmann family, which was integral in the making of the film titled, “Watermelon Magic,” produced by Philadelphia-based Spring Garden Pictures.

The project is geared toward grade-school students and is set to air in science museums around the world this year.

Using high-resolution still photography and time-lapse technology, the film centers on a season on a family watermelon farm, with a young girl growing a patch of watermelons to sell.

Sylvia Green Hoffmann has the lead role in the picture, which also features Hoffmann family members Holly, Casper and Lucas Hoffmann. Richard Power Hoffmann is the producer/director.

Other event highlights will include a Feb. 22 speech by Maj. Dan Rooney, a U.S. war hero, and retired Top Gun F-16 pilot whose titles have also included sports psychologist and founder of the Folds of Honor foundation; and the 50-year celebration of the NWA’s watermelon queen program. This year’s convention will focus on NWA’s 100 years of existence.