Upstate New York Growers and Packers, Clinton, N.Y., is helping non-profit GrowNYC’s new wholesale operation, Greenmarket Co., meet urban demand for access to fresh food.

The partnership with Long Island City-based Greenmarket Co., brings one food hub to another and benefits regional growers and city residents, according to a news release.

The hub-to-hub introduction was made by the Madison and Oneida County Cornell Cooperative Extensions.

“Greenmarket Co., and the partnership with Upstate Growers and Packers, opened up doors that were previously sealed shut for small farmers who lack the capacity to get their product to the city,” Beth Mckellips of Madison County Cornell Cooperative Extension said in the release. “It’s an exciting model that demonstrates the positive economic impact regional food hubs can have on both upstate New York and the state as a whole,”

GrowNYC’s food hub receives deliveries of wholesale product from growers who also sell directly to customers in the city’s Greenmarket, according to the release.

Upstate New York Growers and Packers is helping by aggregating orders from growers in the co-op.

The co-op also provided transportation for growers who don’t have the ability to distribute in the city, according to the release.