New consulting business, album for RannoOne year after the Colorful Harvest founder sold his share in the company, Doug Ranno has started a produce consulting business – and plans to release a country and blues album.

His 38-plus years of fresh fruit and vegetable experience included roles with Raley’s, Chiquita, Green Giant Fresh and Wild Oats Markets. Now he’s launching Doug Ranno Produce.

Last October, Ranno and partners Tom Remick, David Knudsen and Art Davis sold their 60% stake in Salinas, Calif.-based Colorful Harvest to Andrew Smith Co. and Jeffrey Sholl. Ranno has not been involved with the company in 2014, but remains active in the industry.

“I have no interest in retiring from the produce industry,” he said in a news release.

“Last year, I made a life decision to accomplish a few short-term goals and selling my business interest in Colorful Harvest in 2013 has allowed me to do so,” he said. Those goals included frequent travel with his two children.

He then turned to business development and product innovation topics through the new consulting company.

“I wanted to create a new produce business that would allow me to stay involved in this great industry in several different ways while looking for that next innovative company or innovative product to work with in the future,” he said.

“When you sell your share interest in a business, it usually means that there are non-compete provisions to honor for a period of time,” Ranno said. “Doug Ranno Produce is a business format that allows me to work in the produce business in areas where non-compete provisions don’t apply.”

The company aims to support new products and new ways to market fresh produce.

“The clients we are working with now are companies that are looking for innovation in branding, new product development, organic sourcing development, conventional sourcing development, management training, strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions and new venture development,” Ranno said.

After leaving Colorful Harvest, he also continued to serve as a board member for the Produce Marketing Association Foundation. He’ll attend PMA’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 17-19.

“Through his leadership on the fundraising committee, he is also helping build a sustainable financial position for the organization,” Margi Pruett, PMA Foundation for Industry Talent director, said in the release.

New album: ‘The Musical Harvester’

Ranno’s album, “The Musical Harvester,” includes 11 songs that he wrote or coauthored. Its release is in cooperation with Franklin Street Studios and Redpath Music, and features musicians who are veterans of popular bands and acts. Together, they’re dubbed “The Harvesting Crew.”

The album will be available this month on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody or by order at

One of the songs will be featured on a television show pilot Ranno is to co-host, “Strange Harvest.” The show celebrates growers and specialty crops as well as distinctive guitars.

Ranno owns Musical Harvest, which produces guitars in the shapes of fruits, vegetables and symbols of popular culture. Most of the guitars signed by celebrities have been sold to benefit charities such as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Migrant Farm Workers Scholarship Fund.