The Chilean Avocado Importers Association has launched a new logo aimed at highlighting the product’s origins in Chile and dropping the hass variety name.

The logo incorporates the red, white and blue colors of the Chilean flag.

“The strategy behind this updated version of the logo was to elevate the country of origin by highlighting the personality of Chile and the seasonality of the product,” Maggie Bezart, director of marketing, said in a news release.

The prior logo was used for about a decade. The word “hass” does not appear in the new one.

“More than 90% of avocados consumed in the U.S. are hass, so that doesn’t matter now,” Xavier Equihua, executive director, told The Packer in July.

The association has a new website in connection with the logo.

The logo change was inspired in part by the idea of a label or seal of freshness.

“The look of the stamp is a concept that is meant to convey the freshness of the avocados,” Bezart said in the release. “The message is that the product has just been delivered and the seal has been placed on it.”

Chilean avocado production runs from October to March. The association plans a new season-long integrated marketing campaign using the logo.